Blue Hills Reservation: “An Island in an Urban Community”

By Gaia De Simoni

MILTON — It’s late morning and the sun tries to make its way through the trees dressed in their best colors of the year. The green of pines, the gold-yellow of ginkgo and the bright red of maples surround hikers through their walk into the woods. The rustling sound of boots stepping on the trail is the melody they’ll hear for the day. Their breath is short while climbing up one rock after another. 

“It’s a 7,000-acre island in an urban community,” Ken Cohen, board member of Friends of the Blue Hills, says.

Part of the Skyline Loop Blue Blazes Trail in the Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Mass., Oct. 26, 2019. Photo by Gaia De Simoni

The Blue Hills Reservation is a fairytale setting that resembles a walk in the woods in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. But for this beauty, Bostonians don’t need to go too far: the Reservation is only a 25-minute drive from Downtown Crossing. 

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